One Woman’s Hiking Experience to Ado Awaye

And the top 8 things she found absolutely fascinating

photocredit | Sami_Tunji
The sun shines differently in Ado Awaye
The beginning of the beginning: 365 irregular steps leads the way to the mountain
Contemplating what would happen if I pull the white cloth down (just kidding)
Green is not my colour if not I might have taken a bath
Pretty for taking pictures…definitely not for diving
What shoe size could the elders have worn?
carved or not carved?
But David Atabo being the small bully he is, made us all experience the old ways before the bridge was constructed (photocredit | Sami_Tunji)
One word… Breathtaking.
A little dance for the mountain

Writer/Editor, Graphics Designer and avid reader of all things I find curious. I write about things I love, experience and observe.

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