Side Note: Mentally, it has been a tough year. It almost seems like one terrible thing after another has been the order of the day. While there have been deeply unsettling/ horrific situations I’ve been exposed to, here’s one good thing that happened that I’m grateful for. This was one of the volunteer projects I worked on that personally brought me joy this year and I decided to pen it down on my medium blog. It’s not over and I will keep up the fighting spirit!

I am a proud product of Queen’s College Yaba Lagos, an all-girls Secondary School…

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A blast from the past article

I just completed this book by my all-time favourite Giuliana Rancic and went on her Instagram page to attempt to flip through her 3k+ posts and failed miserably…I might love her but not to the extent of having to go through pictures further than 2014 (don’t judge me).
The book is too colourful to be pure non-fiction. My opinion anyway.
It is however interesting to note how about-face she became as an adult compared to her childhood stunts. One can almost not reconcile the bratty child, hellish teen and obnoxious young adult she was to the…

My boss excitedly made an announcement early in 2019 that we would be taking a full page in a national newspaper called Business Day where we would publish insightful marketing articles as it relates to the Nigerian context. It was going to be a weekly process that would see the articles published in the papers every Monday.

This process was soon established as a routine within the company- A selected person who could be from any department writes and shares an article, which is then approved and sent to me to arrange into a layout that speaks to the subject…

A candid review of Shoe Dog- an autobiography of Phil Knight

When you start reading a book like Shoe Dog, you honestly don’t know what to expect. A friend recommended the book and I almost turned it down. Now I am exceedingly glad I did not.

Calling Phil Knight the ‘founder’ of Nike doesn’t feel like enough. ‘Driver’, ‘Father’, ‘Enforcer’, ‘absolute crazy dude who would do anything for Nike progress’ are amongst some of the other descriptions I would bestow on him. The book was such a nugget of wisdom that I am extremely and exceedingly glad I started off the first month of the year with it.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to teach what I’ve learned so far in my design journey from 2017 until now. As a self-taught designer, I’ve read and watched more tutorials than I care to count and have even enrolled in a professional design course where I earned a certificate of merit.
I fought with myself on whether I was qualified to teach or not and entered it into my 2019 action list half-heartedly.
Enter January 4th when I got an Email from Skillshare- one of the many platforms that helped me on my journey to hone my design skills. The email…

Disclaimer to whom it may concern: personally I don’t mind getting a feel of a book before I read it and often wish there were such reviews that hinted at more than hints. So this review might be filled with what you might call ‘spoilers’.

If you haven’t read the book and wish to do so and mind spoilers, go no further. And if you have read the book, then read on and see my perspective on one of the most prolific books I’ve ever read and reminisce on the beautiful narrative that is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Uncle Tom’s cabin…

I started this year uncertain of a whole lot of things. I moved to an apartment with my flatmate last year December so January was a bit touch and go there.
At the end of last year, I had also made a conscious decision to not be your everyday introvert staying affixed in one setting namely my room and go out there for some ‘fun’. Also also, I had seen a number of 2017 review articles last year with people outlining the amazing things they had accomplished-both big and small. So I thought why not do something that is worth writing…

And the top 8 things she found absolutely fascinating

photocredit | Sami_Tunji

Sometime this year, I made the active decision to change my bucket list to a ‘will do’ list. And one of the items I had on my list was to go hiking. On a budget!

For years I had felt I could only do focused things like that if I had extra cash or time or something like that. It hit me suddenly that I would never get to tick anything off my list if I didn’t plan and budget for it like I do every other thing in my life.

So I set out to Google places I could…

I love designing.

Maybe it’s a trademark of designers round the world or maybe it’s not, what I do know is I can give up my whole night in an attempt to create something from concept to reality. I stay up some nights just ‘pushing those pixels’ and I go to bed some time in the AM feeling like I’ve just conquered the world with a big grin on my face.
Then I wake up and feel like I don’t know anything and I’m a fraud (hello imposter syndrome) and it goes downhill from there.

Creating personal projects is my…

Women during the 1960s civil rights movement

I’m not sure how many people know just how many fights, protests, deaths, imprisonments, hunger strikes went into getting women the rights we have today.We went from being valued lower than horses, from having the option of being married or being a dependent relation or entering the convent, from being more or less pounding bags for people who were meant to protect to being high valued, respected women with numerous and diverse opportunities highly capable of protecting and standing up for ourselves.

Last year, around this time, I was getting more and more interested in the world of design. I…

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